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Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. naval architects are intimately familiar with the current U.S. Coast Guard, loadline, and class requirements. In addition, we are involved in critiquing the U.S. Coast Guard’s notice of proposed rulemaking for inspection of towing vessels (known in the industry as “Subchapter M”). Our involvement during the nascent stages of Subchapter M has positioned Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. well for designing new Subchapter M compliant tugs, and for consulting with existing owners and operators regarding modifications that they may want to make to their vessels to bring them into compliance.

Additionally, we have designs, and have provided construction oversight, for both conventional and azimuth drive (z-drive) tugboats ranging from 2,400 bhp to 5,000 bhp. The team at Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. stands ready to tackle any specific needs that a client may have, including but not limited to: fire fighting pumps and monitors, towing winches and machines, and specialized fendering for ship assist work.

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. designed tugs and barges have been employed all over the United States, from the north slope of Alaska, to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond (some are operating in the rivers of South America). Several of our successful tugboat designs currently ply the waters of New York harbor, pushing and towing deck and oil barges.

Further, we have been involved in conceptual design of tugs for the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army, both of which are specifically designed for shallow water operation. Additional tug experience includes modification design and construction oversight for several z-drive tugs operating in the Caribbean. Modifications to these tugs included installation of towing machines and bow winches, as well as towing bitts and towing pins.

Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. is well poised to design the next generation of tugboat, while respecting the traditions and experience of the existing tugboat community. Simplicity and efficiency are the hallmarks of a great tug design, and are both squarely in Bristol Harbor Group, Inc.’s wheelhouse.